How to Diversify and Create the Foundation for a Tax-Free Retirement with Cash Valued Products

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We strategize with our clients to achieve the very best Financial Future through Cash Value policies to build Tax-Free Retirements

  • Tax Free Retirement

  • Become Your Own Bank

  • Uninterrupted Compound Interest

  • Fixed Indexed Annuities

From 2 weeks old to 100 years old we can help you. Remember If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!


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IUL LASER Fund don't have the Rules Traditional Investments such as IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s etc.

  • You Dont Have to Wait until you're 59 1/2 to utilize your money

  • After-tax Contributions can help you Save on Taxes in the long run

  • Your Money can Grow in your policy on a tax-deferred basis with No Taxes on the Gains

  • You can Access Money in your policy Tax-Free for everything from Retirement Income to Working Capital and more

  • IULs don't participate in market downturns, so you NEVER LOOSE MONEY in a downmarket

Indexed Universal Life

Find out about the power of
Becoming Your Own Bank (BYOB) and uninterrupted Compound Interest can bring to your retirement savings via an IUL. A 30 year old can retire with a million in cash with as little as $300 p/mo, and have a substantial death benefit in case the worst happens. IUL's don't lose money when the market does! So you never have to spend precious compounding time just getting back to break even! That's the power uninterrupted compound interest brings that only an IUL provides!

You also have access to the money the entire time! Access to use YOUR money... while it is still compounding! Compare THAT to an IRA or 401(k)!

Be Your Own Bank

When you borrow against your IUL, your money never leaves your account! It remains there, earning compound interest while you use the money to buy other assets. The collateral is your death benefit.

You can do this over and over again. Imagine paying for a car and once paid off, you have the car AND the money still accumulating in your plan while utilizing a loan used to buy the car with! This is called "Infinite Banking." A VERY powerful tool the rich use. Now you can too!


Are you concerned with market volatility? You can have your savings/401k earnings PROTECTED
in an instrument that ONLY
participates in market upswings and
NOT the downswings and provide lifetime income that you won't outlive... EVER! GUARANTEED!

Annuities can be a part of your retirement strategy and also an option if your health prevents you from getting an IUL.

Let's Teach Our Children About How Money Works!

They aren't going to learn this at school!

You can set your children up for a college fund several different ways. Using an IUL, there are ZERO government restrictions on what the money is used for. Suppose they don't go to college and want to use the money for a down payment on their first rental property or AirBnB instead, helping them build a better future!

With their IUL, they can do that and have all those options with no penalties! And they can actually use every dime of it... TAX-FREE

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4 Types of Life Insurance


Whole Life Insurance

Term Life with ROP

Term Life Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I use compounding via an IUL? The money you invest in your IUL earns money for you. The money you made last year also earns money for you; and the year before that, and the year before that. All the while, building a larger and larger ball that continues to roll. This ball gets larger and grows faster as time marches on. Tat, in metaphorical terms is "compounding".

  • How can I Be My Own Bank (BYOB) via an IUL? When you borrow from the bank of "yourself," your money actually never leaves your account. It remains in your account as collateral on your loan. All the while earning you interest over and above the cost of your loan. That's what banks do. They borrow from the Fed and loan it to you at a higher rate and make the spread. Now, you get to handle your money via an IUL just like the banks do!

  • How can I set up my children's future via an IUL? Children as young as 2 weeks old can have an IUL set up for them. With time on their side, you can generate enough money to send them to college or make a healthy down payment on their first house. During this time you can teach them about money!! A new born can be a millionaire LONG before retirement age with surprisingly low monthly premiums!!

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  • Aggressive compensation- We offer a very aggressive copmensation plan (95%-140%). We believe that everybody should be paid what they are worth

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  • Innovative Lead Program- The lead program that we have allows all agents to have qualified and fresh leads.

  • 3 Types of Income- Direct sales commissions, agency overrides and renewal commisions all deposited directly into your checking account on a daily basis (as you earn them).

  • Free Agent Training- The sales training provided at Family First Life is very structured and places all of our agents in a position to become successful. Training at FFL is always free.

  • Top Carriers- We put our clients first by offering multiple options for coverage through several top rated carriers like Nationwide, National LIfe Group, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Americo, Foresters, TransAmerica, John Hancock...just to name a few!

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